Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Consortium Project Update December 2012

Another good result, 830,000 gold for the month. There’s plenty of gold to be made despite competition being at an all-time high. This month were seeing a few new players entering the market and competing for market share. Is this just part of the Craziness that is Christmas?

Some old players are changing strategy too. Instead of competing on 1 toon, they are using multiple toons to place Auctions more frequently. 

We netted 225,000 gold profit from Glyphs and DM Cards, and 605,000 gold profit from Enchants, Gems, & Belt Buckles.

The Arbitrage Project works great going from Alliance to Horde, but I’m finding it difficult to find enough items to send back from Horde to Alliance. Dabbling in this with the highest priced items netted 85,000 profit without much effort. We’re talking Primal Diamonds, Belt Buckles, Shoulder Enchants and Red Gems. Horde side on Caelestrasz is a much slower market, however there seems to be less competition too. It will be interesting to see how this plays out after Christmas when the kiddies go back to school.

GKP Runs
Woot! GKP runs are back on Caelestrasz Alliance. The first one kicked off last week, which I couldn’t attend as I’ve been away since New Year’s Day on Holidays, but this week I’m signed up and good to go. Finally something to spend gold on other than items off the BMAH.

Size : 25 man
When : Fri 8pm ST, be online 20 mins before raids starts for invites.
Where: Mogu'shan Vaults
Invites : Whisper Jetfoo, Helya


  1. Tungsten I am curious about how you are tracking your profits, I am working on a P&L type sheet for my auctions and would like to share ideas

  2. I was updating my comment policy and rules on my (still retired) WoW blog after getting nothing but spam for a few months; and was reminded about your blog.

    Mmm. GKP runs. Almost enough to make me think about signing up again. Not quite; but it's the first time I have been curious.