Thursday, 7 June 2012

Grab a bargain

Grab a bargain

I was late to the JC party, levelling a Paladin to 85 in my spare time was a long process. I had to make a decision when I finally reached Max level.  Do I go for Epic Gem recipes or start collecting the Blue quality ones?  At the time Queens Garnet were 1500g ea, and in my mind I thought not a lot of people would be purchasing them at this price. I decided to do the JC Daily and turn in the token for all the in-demand blue quality cuts….. Some months later and Queens Garnet are now 500g in the AH. I have managed to do the JC Daily most days and collect most of the Blue cuts I wanted, I have recently turned my attention to Epic Cuts. If you have not realised by now Spellcasters make up a significant proportion of the available Classes and specs. Most spellcasters gem for Brilliant cuts, so it should be no surprise that the first recipe I purchased was the Brilliant Queens Garnet. Second on my list was Delicate Queens Garnet (I have a Bear Tank & Hunter Alt simple choice for me). After that I went with what other Epic cuts I could use on my own characters next.

I recommend that you watch Trade chat as much as possible, you can pick up great bargains. Last night I picked up 100x Queens Garnet for 300g ea. On the AH now both Brilliant & Delicate cuts are going for approximately 1000g. That 30k will turn into 90k+ over the weekend.

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