Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Etched Horn....better than nothing

Etched Horn....better than nothing
I have not really bothered with the glyph market in recent months as there is a lot of competition as you’d expect. I decided to only post the really popular glyphs about 125, twice daily. I have a scribe on both Horde & Alliance.

I have noticed recently that Whiptail has come down in price considerably on Caelestrasz. Both factions are selling it for about 20-22g per stack, down from 35g. I bought up about 1000 stacks over that last few weeks and started milling last weekend. Why buy 1000 stacks? Well MoP is around the corner and I can swap the Blackfallow inks for common inks in preparation.

I started to accumulate a lot of Inferno Ink in the process. The only use for Inferno Ink in bulk is for Darkmoon cards, which is not worth the effort this late in the expansion. I tried selling the Inferno Ink , but other scribes have come to the same conclusion it seems. I sold some but the demand for it is not great. I’ll try discounting it in light of the below results.

Etched Horn  came to mind as an alternative but is it economically viable to produce?

I can buy the Scavanged Dragon Horn for 11g ea with exalted rep and I have plenty on Inferno Inks to play with. I decided to produce 100x Etched horn and see what I could get by Disenchanting (DE) them.

Wowhead indicated I could get from (1-4) Small Heavenly Shard with each DE……lies, lies, lies.

After 100 DE’s I got 115 Small Heavenly Shards, and I attribute the 15x extra to the Bountiful Bags proc. The 115 Small Heavenly Shards turn into 38 Heavenly Shards.

Now let’s work out how much each Inferno Ink is costing me. Heavenly Shards go for 70g ea usually.

So 38x 70g =                                                                       2660g

The 100x Scavanged Dragon Horn cost                   1100g

Profit                                                                                     1560g

Therefore the 400 Inferno Inks sale price was     3.9g ea

So if I can’t get more than 3.9g ea on the AH then I’ll make Etched Horns but otherwise it’s probably better to try and sell by discounting.

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