Wednesday, 4 July 2012

2 Million and Counting

Well this week I reached 2 Million Gold. Thanks to dupers, I was able to pick up mass quantities of Queen's Garnet (QG) for 300g ea and sell them for 5,6,700g ea. I shipped about half of them off to Horde side which didn't enjoy the luxury of having a duper and made a killing, where they had been selling for 1000g ea. Alliance side had a few Goblins pick them up same as I did, but I'm a serial squatter of the AH, so they ended up spamming trade chat to flog off their wares.

I also learnt that dupers can be liars, I know it's hard to believe but I was told "hey, buy my remaining stock cause I won't be back for a month" and fell for it hook, line, and sinker.
It was the first wave of duped QG that hit the Server. I went in heavy and bought about 120k worth at about 430g each, thinking cool I'll own the market.
At this point QG were selling at 1,000g a pop, nice I thought. In the first week I sold about three quarters of my QG stock, then wtf he was back spamming trade again this time 350g ea.  But he's not supposed to be back for 3 more weeks :( 

How could he do this to me, well fortunatley I still had Horde side which none of the other Goblins even considered. Off the remaining stoock went to Horde and I bought more at 350g. The AH price dropped at this point to about 700g, still a nice profit, this time I bought a bit  more cautiously, I still spent about 90-100k, but I also started chatting with the duper to get more info about who was buying.
Well even more "wannabe" Goblins got in on the act and the AH war started, prices went down to 500g ea and lower, but still very profitable. Again they resorted to spamming trade. I dropped the price on Horde side too just to make sure no Goblins saw an opportunity but I was still the only person with mass quantities of QG.

Another week goes by and the duper is back again. 330g each, I had almost sold my stock this time and once again went in big. The duper and I are chatting more and more now and he offers me 300g each. Don't ya love a bargain, well I do. Last night I bought his "supposed" last remaining stock as I was almost out too. I'm sure I'll see him back next week.

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