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Back to Basics : What to Sell

Back to Basics : What to sell

Determining what to sell for someone new to the Auction House can be quite daunting. Crafting something that never gets sold can be demoralizing. I tried my hand in the Mogging market for a while with mixed results, and can vouch for the fact that it’s a feast one week, and a famine the next, not really my preference.

The Consortium Project focuses on items that sell fast and regularly, this blog will primarily be from that perspective. There is nothing better than going to the mail box and finding 50-100 sales. When I had a holiday recently, Humph (one of the partners whose focus is glyphs) took over my part of the business temporarily. He couldn’t believe the amount of money we took from non glyph items. The secret is that we’re diversified, and sell the most profitable items from a range of professions. By combining our professions we get economies of scale which reduce our crafting costs, thus maximising profit.

 I’m going to assume that you have Jewelcrafting (JC) at max level but this process works for most other professions too.
What Gem cuts are popular? There are so many different cuts, what sells, what are lemons?

Even though I play a variety of Toons, I still don’t know the secondary stat preference, for most classes. i.e. Enhanced Shammy they want Agi as their prime stat, but what’s the best secondary stat?, Haste, Mastery or Crit?  In MoP hunters now need Expertise, do Enhanced Shammys need that too?

I gave up trying to memorize all the different combinations and requirements of each class/spec.

There are 2 Methods to determining what to sell.

Method 1
I turn to WoW Popular which is updated after each Patch.

What we want here is to make a list of what’s in vogue for each Class/Spec. Pick Gems from the top menu then select the Class/Spec you want to review. In the below case I’ve selected DK -> Blood


Anything with less than a Popularity of 2 stars I would ignore, but make sure you note the Meta Gem just in case it’s got less than 2 stars. Now you can cut n paste this into Excel/Open Office or use a pencil n paper to make a list. We do the same for each Class/Spec. When you have finished this click PVP under Playstyle on the left panel and for each Class/Spec repeat the above process and add their PVP preference to our list.

What you’ll find is that a lot of Gem cuts appear twice or more, sometimes with Popularity of 5 stars other times with 4,3 or 2.

In Excel sort the list by Name then Popularity so you have all the cuts in Alphabetical Order with most popular cuts at the top, then descending in order. Now all you need do is delete the duplicates with less popularity.

If you’re not familiar with Excel then you can look forward to a long process of coming up with a single list via pencil n paper.

One thing to remember is that WoW Popular is a data mining site which means it will take a bit of time to update come MoP, as players level at different speeds. One could surmise that the most hardcode players will be the first to level to 90, and gear their toons, ready for raiding, therefore the data will be accurate from the start, but that is purely speculation.

Method 2
This method focuses on Wowuction

The Gold Queen did a great video guide to this site and I see no reason to reproduce her work.

Suffice to say goto Professions -> Jewelcrafting then sort by Sold per Day and you have a list of popular cuts. Nowhere near as exhaustive as method 1, but an accurate list none the less.

In the next thrilling instalment of Back to basics we’ll go through how to setup TSM.





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